The angels are a blessing. It's almost like they heard me think about everything wrong about my society and fixed it. I knew I could never put my plan into action, because what the hell was I? A stupid woman with $23 in my name. Only old men with fat wallets had power, and they themselves were criminals. It was the job of internet vigilantes to check them, but they were unpredictable. Sects of vigilantes targeted those who've changed for their past sins of 10 years ago. As a result, all vigilantes were shut down, and the powerful were free. The angels came and they now rot.

"A man in his mid 30s. Tall, caucasian and reeks of his crime," the angel's alluring voice suddenly flows from my radio, "No person who commits sexual assault can be free. The sentence is jail, castration, and of course, public humiliation."

The radio shuts off and I'm left smiling like a demented puppet at the thought of the maggot being pelted by rocks. It will flinch and cry and bleed like a beast.

I hurl another rock and see it... the face of the beast who walks free. It committed the crime against me before the blessings of our society arrived and the police would not hear of my pleas to capture it. Therefore, the beast walks without shackles. I can still feel it's perverted eyes on my body like a predator on a mouse. It's claws still mark my skin. Stained teeth tear at my flesh. Disgusting, filthy animal. I throw another rock at the hanging beast.

A man who played violin for cats was killed in Colorado. A high and mighty world power watches from the sidelines and almost brings war to its door. Bow before the orange spray tan with a mangled soul, or bow before his twisted enemy! A witch across the sea doesn't want her children to play with other children named Tyler.