"Speech crime" is a thing now. Back when my parents were children, speech crimes were committed daily, and only social media vigilantes destroyed the lives of the celebrities who dared to engage in them. Online "crime" turned into a real crime, as these... ghosts... learned more about our society. Now, they've got clinks dedicated to speech crime. Dad said it was alt-left heaven. About half of all SC inmates are alt-left, so jokes on them, I guess.

The other night, I insulted the ghost-angel whatevers. I dared to question their existence, and some bitch with big ears overheard me. Next thing I knew, I was brought to the police station. I have to sit in speech crime jail for a week. It didn't sound too bad. It's SC jail for fuck's sake, not like I'm going to be scarred for life.

It's not every day you meet an anti-white racist. Hell, it's not everyday you meet a racist in this society. It's like seeing a unicorn, except that unicorn has a tattoo on its hairy tit and smells like old cheese. He told me to call him Abraham, but everyone calls him Black Hitler behind his back. Black Hitler so kindly explained his beliefs because I seemed like "a good white," and perhaps I could change. God's chosen people were the Jews, and the Jews were black. The white man white-washed Jesus to trick the world into believing their race was chosen by God. They committed atrocities to the true superior races in the name of the Lord, and now, their ancestors must redeem themselves. Every race except for the "pure black" is not of God. He's done this several times already, and I pretend to hear it for the first time.

Reform classes are a joke. I hate all this PC shit forced down my throat, especially since I don't hold any prejeduce views against anyone. The DO or whoever runs this circus talks about the history of speech inciting violence and treats us like children. My fucking eyes glaze over every time. I said one stupid thing that any baked moron on the street would say, and I'm stuck with Black Hitler and reform classes. In a way, they served their purpose. When my week is up, I'm going to start keeping my mouth shut.

Annalisa, whatever you are, you're fucking hot. Hope I didn't upset your friends.